Dungeon Rotation Schedule – Destiny 2

Dungeon Rotation Schedule – Destiny 2

Keep this handy dungeon rotation schedule guide at the ready for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 introduced some changes in Season of the Haunted. Certain dungeons will only be available for a week at a time. This guide will tell you the dungeon rotation schedule in Destiny 2.

Dungeon Rotation Schedule

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Bungie has introduced a way to keep past dungeons more relevant and fresher. Destiny 2 is introducing a weekly dungeon rotation, but with an important change. The rewards for Weekly Dungeon will be farmable as the locks that were in place have been removed. This change will give players the chance to obtain full dungeon gear and not have to wait until reset to finish their collection. This also gives players to farm those items they want for a desirable role. Below you will find the dungeon that is currently in rotation.

May 31 – June 7Pit of Hersey
June 7 – June 14 Prophecy
June 14 –  June 21 Grasp of Avarice
June 21 – June 28  
June 28 –  July 5 
July 5 – July  12 
July 12 – July 19 
July 19 – July 26  
July 26 – August 2   
August 2 – August 9
August 9 – August 16
August 16 – August 23

The weekly dungeon will change during reset on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. PST along with the rest of the weekly items. Remember that Legendary items can be farmed as part of the new system Bungie has put into place.  Season of the Haunted will run until August 23rd and is scheduled to have a lot of content worth grinding through.

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This guide will be updated weekly with the new dungeon that will be in the rotation, so keep this guide handy to stay up to date. If you are looking to see what raid is in rotation, check out the raid rotation schedule. Also, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 archives for more guides and news that cover your favorite looter shooter.