Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations – Week 4

Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations – Week 4

Collect the final set of Atlas Skews to complete A Hollow Coronation in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost enters its fourth week with a new set of Atlas Skews for players to find and collect. Tracing the Stars wraps up with A Hollow Coronation, an Exotic quest that rewards players with the Ager’s Scepter Exotic weapon upon completion. This week, players will make their way to the Confluence, an off-map area that can only be accessed by portal. Below, we will explain how to get to the Confluence and where to find all five Atlas Skews in the region.

How to Reach the Confluence

Guardians must head to the Confluence to find the Atlas Skews for this week. The Confluence is a special area of the Dreaming City that can only be reached using one of three Taken Portals.

The easiest portal to get to is the one in the Spine of Keres. To get there, head to Divalian Mists and ride your sparrow. Continue around the bend to the left and make your way toward the large temple in the Spine of Keres. Go toward the bridge on the left side. Just before the bridge, hop off the edge to the right. Continue down the rocky path until you reach a portal inside a narrow cave. The first Atlas Skew is found shortly after entering the portal.

Atlas Skew Locations – Week 4

Since the Confluence exists beyond the regular map, there are no map images included below. However, we have included screenshots of each Atlas Skew location for Week 4, along with a brief description.

Confluence Giant Crystal

crystal 1024x576 - Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations - Week 4

After entering the portal in the Spine of Keres, continue down the left hallway. At the end of the hall sits a giant crystal. Walk around to the other side of the crystal to find the first Atlas Skew in the Confluence.

Confluence Tree Triad

tree 1024x576 - Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations - Week 4

After collecting the previous Atlas Skew, continue through the hallway behind the giant crystal. The next chamber has three doorways, each of which leading to an Atlas Skew. Start by going through the doorway to the right that leads to a large tree. Just beside the tree is the next Atlas Skew.

Garden Entry Statue

garden 1024x576 - Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations - Week 4

Beyond the tree is a hallway leading to the Gardens of Esila. Continue down the hall and take a left. You’ll find the next Atlas Skew at the base of the statue ahead.

Harbinger Cathedral

harbinger 1024x576 - Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations - Week 4

Backtrack the way you came until you are back in the chamber with the three doorways. This time, go through the doorway on the opposite side. Continue through the corridor to reach Harbinger’s Seclude. The Atlas Skew is found at the base of the statue in the cathedral.

Throne Portal

throne 1024x576 - Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations - Week 4

Backtrack once again and return to the main chamber. From the cathedral, turn left to enter the room containing the throne portal. At the back of the room sits the old portal to the Shattered Throne, overgrown with branches and vines. The final Atlas Skew is found in front of the portal.

Once you’ve collected the last set of Atlas Skews, return to the H.E.L.M. and select “A Hollow Coronation.” Turn in your Atlas Skews at the Gatehouse and listen to one more recording. You will need to do a few more things for Mara Sov before you can complete the quest and get the Ager’s Scepter, however.

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