Crimil’s Dagger God Roll – Destiny 2

Crimil’s Dagger God Roll – Destiny 2

Lord Saladin recommends these perks for the PvE and PvP Crimil's Dagger God Roll in Destiny 2.

Lord Saladin has plenty of weapons you can earn during the Iron Banner in Destiny 2, but Guardians will only be able to earn these weapons during the week that Iron Banner is available. One of these weapons is the Hand Cannon Crimil’s Dagger. This guide will show you the recommended perks for the Crimil’s Dagger god roll in Destiny 2.

Crimil’s Dagger God Roll

Crimils Dagger 1024x576 - Crimil's Dagger God Roll - Destiny 2


Hand Cannons in Destiny 2, in my opinion, require some skill to use. This is a skill that I lack. It took me an embarrassingly large amount of time to get Ace of Spades because I was too busy trying to get Exotic ships and sparrows, but also because I suck with them. When you get one with the right perks, though, it can be a game-changer. Listed below are the recommended perks for Crimil’s Dagger.

PvE God Roll

The PvE perks you’re looking for all have to do with stability and reload time. The quicker you can reload and more stable you can make your weapon the better.

  • Hitmark HCS, Fastrdraw HCS, Steadyhand HCS, or Truesight HCS.
  • Drop Mag, Appended Mag, or Flared Magwell.
  • Outlaw
  • Kill Clip or Zen Moment

PvP God Roll

In PvP you want the ability to take your opponent out from a distance, but it’s not the only important perk you want. Accuracy plays a huge part in being able to take someone down with a headshot.

  • Hitmartk HCS, Crossfire HCS, or Sureshot HCS
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Outlaw, Moving Target, or Rangefinder
  • Kill Clip, Opening Shot, or Explosive Payload.

While I’m sure anyone skilled with a Hand Cannon could use any perk to defeat me, knowing that I have a perk or two that’s recommended does a lot for a player at my skill level. Any edge I can get is a huge positive, which is why I frequently check out our Destiny 2 archives for even more guides.