All High-Value Targets in Destiny 2

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Learn where to find each of Destiny 2’s High-Value Targets so you can complete bounties and earn rewards.

High-Value Targets are one of Destiny 2’s world events, rewarding XP and some loot. There are a handful of these enemies to find around the map, but because of their timed-spawns, it can be tough to track them down. If you’re in the market for some High-Value Targets, below you’ll find all their spawn locations.

High-Value Target Locations

There are eight different High-Value Targets in the game. It’s important to note that the following are not High-Value Targets: Lost Sector bosses, roaming Forge bosses, Public Event bosses, yellow health bar enemies. The only ones that count are the following:

  1. Despoiler Captain
  2. Ransack Servitor
  3. Ransack Vandal
  4. Fissure Knight
  5. Storm Minotaur
  6. Storm Hydra
  7. Impact Centurion
  8. Blighted Centurion

The difference is that these enemies will appear during Patrol every few minutes with the message: “A High-Value Target is nearby.” Killing one of these enemies will cause them to drop a chest and the following message will appear onscreen: “A High-Value Target has dropped its plunder.”

The location of all High-Value Targets on each of the base-game Patrol zones is below:

European Dead Zone

  • The Sludge – Despoiler Captain, Impact Centurion
  • Trostland – Ransack Servitor, Ransack Vandal
  • Winding Cove – Ransack Servitor
  • The Gulch – Impact Centurion


  • Siren’s Watch – Despoiler Captain, Fissure Knight
  • The Rig – Despoiler Captain


  • Exodus Black – Despoiler Captain
  • Artifact’s Edge – Despoiler Captain, Storm Minotaur


  • Giant’s Scar – Storm Minotaur
  • The Rupture – Storm Minotaur, Blighted Centurion
  • Lost Oasis – Storm Hydra

If you are hunting one of these enemies for a bounty, make sure you read the bounty entirely. Some require you to have a certain subclass equipped while others won’t care and simply require a kill. Finding all the High-Value Targets in Destiny 2 isn’t too difficult. The main problem with this task is actually waiting for them to spawn, as they can often take several minutes. Check out Guide Stash’s Destiny 2 page for even more guides and news!

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