After the Nightfall Emblem in Destiny 2

After the Nightfall Emblem in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has delivered fans a mystery in the form of the After the Nightfall Emblem.

The After the Nightfall Emblem was quite the mystery in Destiny 2. Only five people in the world had the Emblem, and the Destiny 2 community set out to figure out what it was. Well, this is exactly what they did, and it turns out to get the Emblem you need to finish all the Nightfalls in very quick times. Players discovered a secret Time Trial for each Nightfall, so if you want to get your hands on the After the Nightfall Emblem, you better get ready to run and gun as fast as you can.

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The elusive After the Nightfall emblem

How To Get The After The Nightfall Emblem

Below you will find the full list of Nightfalls, and the time you need to complete them in to get the Emblem. Lots of them clock in around the 10 minute mark, but some of them want to you finish in around 6-7 minutes. You may need to come up with some good skips, or quick clearances, to get these done.

  • The Inverted Spire – 9 minutes and 47 seconds
  • Lake of Shadows – 6 minutes and 7 seconds
  • Pyramidion – 11 minutes and 46 seconds
  • Exodus Crash – 10minutes and 10 seconds
  • Savathun’s Song – 12 minutes and 31 seconds
  • The Arms Dealer – 7 minutes and 59 seconds
  • A Garden World – 10 minutes and 5 seconds
  • Tree of Probabilities – 10 minutes and 13 seconds
  • Strange Terrain – 7 minutes and 26 seconds
  • Will of the Thousands – 10 minutes and 17 seconds
  • The Insight Terminus – 9 minutes and 51 seconds
  • The Hollowed Lair – 9 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Warden of Nothing – 11 minutes and 57 seconds
  • The Corrupted – 8 minutes and 49 seconds

So there you go, all the times you need to beat to get your hands on the After the Nightfall Emblem. Remember, if you are trying to do this and it sometimes feels impossible, you can definitely get it done, because other people already have. This is definitely the type of challenge that requires a good team, so be sure to get your strongest Guardians together to take it on.