Can Players Go Fishing in Days Gone?

Can Players Go Fishing in Days Gone?

Days Gone has a lot of experiences to offer players, but a lot of us want to know one thing: does it have fishing?

Now that Sony’s latest first-party game is here, gamers want to know one thing: can you go fishing in Days Gone? It’s every player’s favorite in-game past time, and it seems like every single survival game has some kind of fishing mode, so it’s a logical question.

Is There Fishing in Days Gone?

Unfortunately, there is no fishing in Days Gone. Despite the characters talking about going on camping trips and going fishing, there’s no actual fishing to be had in-game. This is a bit disappointing, especially given the game offers so many other classic survival genre elements. You can upgrade Deacon’s motorcycle, fast travel, and even learn new skills and abilities, but there’s no fishing!

Days Gone Fishing 1024x576 - Can Players Go Fishing in Days Gone?

The world of Days Gone is perfect for a fishing mini-game but alas none currently exists.

There’s even a mission in Days Gone called “Gone Fishing”, where you must track down two sisters who have headed off on a fishing trip. Instead of going to the known safe location to wrangle some fish, they decided to go to another fishing hole. Even during this mission there’s no opportunity to drop a line, kick back, and while away the hours.

It’s certainly odd for a game of this size and nature to not include some kind of fishing mechanic. Most games these days release with fishing of varying degrees of complexity so it’s strange when one doesn’t. Sea of Thieves didn’t launch with fishing, but Rare is rectifying that with the April 30 Anniversary Update – which we discussed at length in our recent episode of Push to Talk.

While there’s currently no fishing in Days Gone it’s not impossible for the feature to be included after the fact. A lot of games introduce DLC and additional content that greatly expands or changes the base game in some manner. The DLC for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was significantly different to the main game’s story-driven experience. So, all hope is not lost. Days Gone might not let you go fishing now, but it could if Bend Studio releases some DLC.