How to Start Team Survival in Dawn of Survivors

How to Start Team Survival in Dawn of Survivors

Team Survival allows you to invite a friend and survive together. We show you how to just do that in this new mode in Dawn of Survivors.

A brand new co-op mode is on its way to Dawn of Survivors and players are excited to team up. This guide will show you how to start Team Survival in Dawn of Survivors.

How to Start Team Survival

If you’re looking to invite or join a friend in Dawn of Survivors’ new Team Survival mode, we have you have covered. Surviving the apocalypse alone can be scary, but now you’ll be able to invite a friend to help you along the way.

Craft the Radio

The first step to start Team Survival is by crafting the radio that can be found in the Crafting Menu. The radio is a brand new piece of furniture that can be placed in your base. Once you have crafted the radio, the next step will be to search for another survivor.

Search for Friend

Once you have the radio in place, it’s time to invite a friend to join your party. Press X to Manually Search for a friend on your list or you can search for other survivors in-game. When they accept the invite, return to the radio and press A.

Players must be level 10 in order to receive invites. Invites received will appear in the player’s inbox. After joining a friend, it’s time to gear up.

Gear Up

In true survival fashion, your friend will not be able to bring any gear with them. Players will need to supply gear to any friends they invite to play with them. This is where those hoarding tactics come in handy.

Co-op skills will be active throughout your play session with your friend. If at any time you want to return to solo-play, go to the Settings menu and select Leave Team. This will send your friend back to their original shelter and they will receive the items they started with before joining.

Friend or Foe

When a player joins your session, you will be able to give them certain privileges. These privileges range from being able to demolish your base to using the furniture you have built for yourself. Trusting them will be the biggest test as they could potentially destroy everything you have built. Remember that you can dismiss anyone from the Settings menu at any time. If your friend is willing to cooperate and play friendly, each of you will earn Diamonds the more time you spend playing together. This reward can go a long way surviving in this post-apocalyptic world.

Team Survival is set to come to Dawn of Survivors on September 16, 2019, and players are on the edge of their seats waiting to join up and survive together. Dawn of Survivors is available to play on the Nintendo Switch.