How to Buy an Apartment in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Buy an Apartment in Cyberpunk 2077

Find out how to buy one of the four new apartments introduced in Patch 1.5.

Cyberpunk 2077’s next-generation update came alongside Patch 1.5, which brought various bug fixes and improvements to the game as well as free DLC that included new apartments for rent. Whether you are looking for a new pad in Night City or simply wish to customize your current place, this guide will tell you how to buy an apartment in Cyberpunk 2077.

During Act I, V is given a basic apartment in the Watson district in Megabuilding H10. As of Patch 1.5, four new apartments have been made available to purchase throughout Night City. Before you go shelling out eddies on a new place, it is important to note that you must first complete the quest Playing For Time.

How to Buy an Apartment

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Buying a new apartment in Cyberpunk 2077 is as easy as going online. Simply go over to use the computer inside V’s default apartment and select the Net. Next, click on the icon in the bottom row to access the EZEstates website.

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Choose the apartment you want and press the button with the price in the bottom right corner to finalize the transaction. You can buy multiple apartments at once, provided you’ve got the cash. You can also buy each apartment on the spot upon visiting them in person at their locations in Night City.

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The four new apartment locations and prices are as follows:

  • Northside, Watson (€$5,000)
  • Japantown, Westbrook (€$15,000)
  • The Glen, Heywood (€$40,000)
  • Corpo Plaza, City Center (€$55,000)

Apartment Makeovers

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If you’re looking to customize V’s apartment instead, there are also several customization options available through the same EZEstates website under the Makeovers tab. Makeovers change the color and theme of the furniture in your apartment and cost €$10,000 each.

Apartment Buffs

Each apartment has its own style and has several interactive features to help make the place feel more like home. Some interactions in the apartment will grant V a temporary buff with a status effect that lasts for one hour. Below are the new apartment buffs you can get from V’s apartment:

  • Refreshed – The Refreshed status allows V to regenerate health during combat. Take a shower in V’s apartment to gain the Refreshed buff.
  • Rested – Going to sleep in V’s bed will give you the Rested status effect, which grants +20% Skill XP.
  • Energized – The Energized status effect grants +25% Max Stamina and +30% Stamina Regen. To get Energized, simply brew yourself some coffee while in V’s apartment.

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