How to Get Wool – Craft the World

How to Get Wool – Craft the World

Make all the rope you want in Craft the World by shearing sheep for their wool using scissors!

Wool is one of the many important resources in Craft the World. At the start of the game, you might find wool from monsters and by killing some other creatures, but that will only get you so far. If you want to make some of the better gear, you will need to know how to get wool, and that starts with shearing sheep.

How to Get Wool

Getting wool in Craft the World isn’t as easy as walking up to a sheep and grabbing it. You will need to work your way along the technology trees to the point where you can craft a few key items. These items include a trap, farm fences, and scissors.

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When a sheep is caught in a trap, click it and choose to catch it.

Start by making a trap and putting it down where sheep tend to spawn. It must be called a “trap” not a “wooden trap” or a “wooden cage”. Using the latter two will either kill the sheep or the sheep will ignore it. With your trap made, place it down in a Forest or Snow biome.

The next step is to build a farm by using five or more farm fences connected together on grass. When a sheep gets trapped, click the trap and choose to catch the sheep. One of your workers will pick it up and pop it in the farm.

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After creating a farm and catching a sheep, direct your workers to “cut” the sheep for some wool.

With the sheep in the farm, you’re one step closer to getting more wool. The next step is to get a pair of scissors for shearing.

To get scissors, you will need to work your way along the top tech tree past fishing to farming. The scissors can be found by clicking the little symbol of a plus and an arrow.

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You will need to unlock the farming section of the tech tree to craft scissors.

Crafting scissors requires four iron ore and one nail. Place the iron ore in the four corners and the nails in the middle. When the scissors are crafted, click the sheep and choose “cut”. One of your workers will go and grab the scissors and shear the sheep. After a short while, the wool will grow back, allowing you to shear the sheep again!

A good tip to ensure you have a healthy supply of wool at all times is to collect as many sheep as possible. To do this, start by killing slugs and snails, as only so many animals can be spawned in the world at once. With the snails and slugs out of the way, you’ll have created more room for more sheep.

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