Where to go in the Ruined City Center in Code Vein

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Learn where to search in the Ruined City Center after defeating the Insatiable Despot in Code Vein.

Figuring out where to go in the Ruined City Center in Code Vein can be confusing. This area is winding, full of enemies, and at a certain point it looks to be completely explored. If you’re stuck trying to work out where to go, there’s one area in the Ruined City Center which you may have missed.

Where to go in the Ruined City Center

After defeating the Insatiable Despot in the Frozen Seabed, you will run into a dead end. At this point, if you return to the Home Base and read the hint near the map, it will suggest you go to the Ruined City Center and search there. The problem is, according to your helpful in-game map, you’ve thoroughly explored the area.

However, there is one new section you should explore, and it’s located in the south-west area, in the streets. Use the mistle at the Parking Garage and descend the ladder. Work your way through the streets to the area circled on the image below. You’ll find a big hole in the ground, a ladder, and an elevator. You will need to work your way down the sinkhole and into the next area.

Figuring out where to go in the Ruined City Center can take a long time. Unless you search this one specific area, it’s almost impossible to work out what you’re missing. What’s especially problematic is that your AI partner might mention a ladder that can be lowered (near the Butterfly of Delirium), but this isn’t where you need to go.

Now that you know where to go in the Ruined City Center to continue the campaign, you can get back to doing just that – playing Code Vein! For more coverage on the latest video games, make sure to keep checking back with us here at Guide Stash!

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