What to do with Old World Materials in Code Vein

What to do with Old World Materials in Code Vein

Learn how to use Old World Materials and where you can farm them in Code Vein.

Old World Materials are one of many items to use in Code Vein. These little golden cogs drop from enemies but how and where to use them isn’t clear. If you want to get your hands on some valuable items, you’ll need to work out what to do with these Old World Materials.

Where to use Old World Materials

Old World Materials are a tradable item that can be given to Shang. In exchange for these items, Shang will give you valuable items that can also be traded with other characters. The difference here is that the items Shang trades with you are used to boost the relationship status with other NPCs in the game.

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Old World Materials can be taken to Shang and traded for valuables.

To find Shang and trade these items, you will need to:

  1. Travel to the Ruined City Underground
  2. Teleport to the mistle in the Outer Crossroads
  3. Find Shang leaning against the wall
  4. Purchase any item and you’ll use these golden gears

Farming Old World Materials

Trading these golden cogs for relationship-boosting valuables is critical to getting precious items. Because of this, getting as many of these golden gears as possible is going to be important. Thankfully, farming Old World Materials is easy – just kill enemies!

Any enemy you kill in Code Vein has a chance to drop these items. As you progress through new areas, you’ll naturally be killing enemies to continue. If you don’t want to simply farm old areas repeatedly, you can try venturing into the Depths. These dungeons are full of enemies and each area is different, which helps with repetition.

Figuring out what to do with the golden gears is almost as hard as working out where to go in the Ruined City Center. Thankfully, now that you know you can use Old World Materials to trade with Shang for valuable relationship items, you can get to farming! For more Code Vein guides, you’re already in the right place.