Catch Big Larry, the Channel Catfish – Call of the Wild: The Angler

Catch Big Larry, the Channel Catfish – Call of the Wild: The Angler

If you’re hoping to catch Big Larry, a mammoth Channel Catfish, this guide will put you on the path to success.

Call of the Wild: The Angler now features legendary fish that players can chase once they’ve satisfied their thirst for Diamonds. One of those legendary fish is called Big Larry, the Channel Catfish. Big Larry can be found in Golden Ridge Reserve, and if you have the right gear, can be both easy to find and tough to land. Here’s what you need to know.

How Legendary Fish Work

big larry channel catfish bait hook 1024x576 - Catch Big Larry, the Channel Catfish - Call of the Wild: The Angler
This is the gear players can use to reel in Big Larry, the Channel Catfish, in Call of the Wild: The Angler.

Legendary fish rotate in and out of Golden Ridge Reserve. There will always be one active, but only one. This means that with the first three legendary fish added to the game, one week will feature Goldstein, the Largemouth Bass, one week will feature Big Larry, the Channel Catfish, and one will feature Sidewinder, the Lake Trout. To know which legendary fish is active, head to the Call of the Wild: The Angler Discord and check the Trophy Gallery. Players there will keep you updated on which one of the three you can catch each week.

Note that players can tell if a legendary fish is present in the reserve from the reserve selection screen. When you’re choosing your reserve, look for an icon at the bottom with a fish in it. If this icon is purple for you, there is a legendary fish active. If this icon is greyed out for you, there is no legendary fish active. Once you catch the active legendary fish for the week, this icon will be greyed out until a new fish rotates in.

How to Catch Larry, the Channel Catfish

big larry channel catfish location 1024x576 - Catch Big Larry, the Channel Catfish - Call of the Wild: The Angler
Catch Big Larry at either Eisenhower Dam or on the bridge just south of the Fairy Feet Trailhead at Lake Opal.

One location you can find Big Larry is in Opal Lake at the Eisenhower Dam. This lake is in the southeastern part of the Golden Ridge Reserve map. Spawn in at that exact location and head down the steep slope to the water. You’ll want to be on the west side of the dam. Walk the water and look for Big Larry. You won’t always see the giant, but you can occasionally spot him which makes hooking him much easier.

The second location you can find Big Larry is the Fairy Feet Trailhead, which is also located on the shores of Opal Lake. From that spawn point, head south to find a bridge. You can find Big Larry on either side of the bridge, and it’s often very easy to spot him from up top. If you aren’t sure which of the two locations Big Larry has spawned at, ask in the Discord server and you’ll get an answer in no time.

Here’s the gear you’ll want to use to catch Big Larry, the Channel Catfish:

  • Devil’s Advocate Spinning Rod
  • Pure Champion Spinning Reel
  • Fluorocarbon Line (15 kg)
  • Any floater you choose
  • Size #2 Hook
  • Hotdog for bait

You can catch Big Larry using different gear, but this is what worked for me. If you’d like to try something else, feel free, but I’d suggest following something you’ve seen from the community. You may also want to bring a few rods and reels to pass the time by fishing for other species. I was able to catch a Diamond Sauger while I waited patiently for Larry to show himself. For more, visit our Call of the Wild: The Angler game page. We’ll be doing more guides for Diamonds and legendary fish over the weeks and months to come.