How to Watch the Halo TV Series for Free on Paramount Plus

How to Watch the Halo TV Series for Free on Paramount Plus

Game Pass Ultimate and Amazon Prime members can access the new Halo series via free trial.

The highly anticipated Halo television series premiered earlier this week on March 24, 2022. The show is a sci-fi original exclusive to Paramount Plus and the first episode is available now on the streaming service. For non-members, there are a few ways to access the Paramount Plus streaming app via free trial, allowing you to watch the new Halo series for free for a limited time.

Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will want to take advantage of their current membership perks, namely the 30-day free trial of Paramount Plus. Although Paramount Plus offers its own 7-day free trial for their streaming service, a 30-day trial gives you plenty of time to watch the new Halo series. While only the first episode is currently available, new episodes are scheduled to release on a weekly basis, for a total of nine episodes. This means you should be able to watch several episodes of the show depending on when the 30-day free trial is redeemed.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership perks can be claimed via the Xbox app as well as on Xbox consoles. Ultimate Perks also include free trials for Marvel Unlimited, Hulu, and more, so be sure to claim these membership perks while they are available.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members can also take advantage of a limited-time free trial for Paramount Plus, albeit for only seven days. Paramount Plus is available to Prime subscribers through Prime Channels. The Halo series can be streamed via the Amazon Video app, which is available on various devices.

Paramount Plus Trial

As stated earlier, the Paramount Plus streaming service also features its own 7-day free trial, which is available on its website. This may be the only other way to watch the Halo series for free for those who can’t take advantage of another membership deal like the ones mentioned above.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks trial appears to be the best way to watch Halo for free, simply because it lasts for 30 days, giving members time to watch more episodes of the Halo series before their trial runs out.

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