All Collectibles in Lone Mountain – Aragami 2

All Collectibles in Lone Mountain – Aragami 2

Here’s where to find every gold statue and blueprint in each mission of Aragami 2’s Lone Mountain region.

There are various collectibles players can find hidden throughout nearly every mission in Aragami 2. Collectibles consist of small gold statues as well as crafting blueprints. None of these collectibles are missable, meaning all you need to do is load up the correct mission and follow the steps below to collect each one. Continue reading to learn every collectible location in each mission of the Lone Mountain region of Aragami 2.

Lone Mountain Collectible Locations

There are six collectibles available across three missions in the Lone Mountain region of Aragami 2.

Mission: Elder’s Scroll

There are three collectibles available in The Elder’s Scroll mission in Aragami 2. All three collectibles are gold statues and they are relatively easy to find. The initial spawn location at the start of the mission is used as a starting point for finding each collectible below.

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Gold Statue #1

Starting at the spawn portal, head west towards the towering wooden lift in the distance. Shadow Leap up the scaffolding and enjoy the view a little. Once you are just below the top rafters, double jump onto the outcropping with the bush on it. Another double jump to the platform across the way will reward you with the first gold statue collectible in Elder’s Scroll.

Gold Statue #2

Starting from the spawn portal, go east toward the docks. You will see a guard patrolling between wooden buildings. Make your way over the rooftops of the buildings and take out the guard at the far end. You know you are in the right spot if you see a lamppost at the left end of the dock.

To find the collectible, jump across the water onto the rocky outcropping with a tree on the other side and hang a left. A gold statue will be just around the bend at the base of the mountain.

Gold Statue #3

From the spawn portal once again, go across the bridges straight ahead and ascend the path towards the red Akatsuchi tents surrounding a bonfire. Northwest of the central fire is a shrine. Behind the shrine, the third collectible awaits your retrieval.

Mission: Sending a Message

The Lone Mountain mission Sending a Message only contains one gold statue collectible.

Beginning at the portal at the small graveyard, make your way along the edge of the cliff until you see the blue Essence Crystal lamp. From this vantage point, you will be able to see the main fortress in the distance (first image below).

The gold statue collectible is found high atop a platform in a room adjacent to that of the mission’s main target. One way to get there from the Essence Crystal lamp is to simply Shadow Leap up the side of the mountain until you reach the courtyard sprinkled with statues of meditating monks. Shadow Leap your way to the second floor and take out the guards overlooking the courtyard’s cherry blossom tree.

The second-floor door to the far left, closest to the blue lamp, leads to a small room. The collectible sits on what remains of the collapsed roof in the top corner of the room. You know you are in the correct room if the mission’s enemy target is just outside the doors. Shadow Leap up the scaffolding and hop over to collect your reward.

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Mission: Sumire’s Old Master

The Sumire’s Old Master mission in the Lone Mountain region becomes available through story progression and is not initially listed at the start. There are two collectibles to find within Sumire’s Old Master, one gold statue and one blueprint.

Gold Statue #1

From the starting portal, follow the path along the edge of the mountain until you reach the blue Essence Crystal lamp. Proceed towards the fortress, dealing with the guards how you wish. Once you cross the small bridge and go through the main gate, make a sharp right turn and look up. There is an opening in the fortress walls. Shadow Leap up to the opening and inside you should find the gold statue.

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Blueprint #1

The blueprint collectible can be found further into the fortress just beyond where the gold statue was found. Upon entering the main gate, we recommend Shadow Leaping from wall to wall until you arrive at the large cherry blossom tree centered between two bridges leading to the room where Sumire’s Old Master resides. There is a lower ground level below the bridges. If you stand directly beneath the bridge leading to the fortress and look over the edge you will see water down below. Drop down onto the small plot of land to collect the blueprint.

Finding all collectibles in Lone Mountain will unlock the Pilgrimage achievement in Aragami 2. Check back soon for more collectible guides and walkthroughs.