All Collectibles in Kakurega Village – Aragami 2

Find all three blueprints in Kakurega Village to complete a secret achievement in Aragami 2.

Players become very familiar with Kakurega Village in Aragami 2. The region serves as a social hub and casual hangout area between missions. Several collectibles are also hidden throughout the village for players to find. Although you may have to play through a few missions before collecting them all, the hidden blueprints are easy enough to locate. Collecting all three blueprints in Kakurega Village will unlock The Hidden Village achievement for Aragami 2. Follow the steps below to find out where to collect all three hidden collectibles in Kakurega Village.

Kakurega Village Collectible Locations

The collectibles available in Kakurega Village are all blueprints for Runes, which players give to Sakura to gain access to their abilities. The first two blueprints are available immediately upon your arrival at Kakurega Village. The third blueprint is only available after completing the mission Help the Militia I in Distant Countryside.

1. Earth Rune Blueprints

The first collectible is found in a small cave near the waterfall that is visible from the main mission board. The easiest way to get there is to simply run around the perimeter of the water, following the path up the stairs to the right side of the waterfall. Use the platforms to jump down and double jump and dash across the water into the cave at the other end. Inside you will find the Earth Rune blueprints.

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2. Black Dye Blueprints

The second blueprint is available on the top floor of the pagoda in the back of Kakurega Village where you regularly inform Leader Katashi of your ninja shenanigans. To reach the top floor, you must make your way behind the pagoda and climb the ledges on the rock wall to the uppermost ledge. You may need to Shadow Leap a couple times to get to the highest point.

The goal is to find a spot to leap from so that you can land on the top floor of the pagoda. You know you are at a high enough jumping point when you reach several gravestones that read the credits for Alberto Rebollo, Daniel Castaño, and David Macià. From this point, double jump and dash to the third floor. Find the opening in the wall and collect the Black Dye blueprints.

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3. Defense Rune Blueprints

Before you can obtain the third blueprint in Kakurega Village, you must first complete the mission Help the Militia I. Upon completing the mission, you will be given a house in the village. The blueprints are inside your house on the floor, to the right of the entrance.

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