How to Perform a Self-Revive in Apex Legends

How to Perform a Self-Revive in Apex Legends

Get yourself back into the fight in Apex Legends without help from teammates by self-reviving.

Relying on allies to revive you in Apex Legends can be a problem, so it’s good thing there’s a way to self-revive. Under specific circumstances, players can actually bring themselves back into the fight, without the need of an ally. Unfortunately, self-reviving can’t be done all the time. Even though it’s a limited ability, it’s good to know how self-reviving works. The self-revive skill all starts with a the knockdown shields.

How Knockdown Shields Work

A knockdown shield is an item that goes into one of the four main slots on a Legend. These slots are the helmet, armor, knockdown shield, and backpack. With a knockdown equipped, a player will be able to deploy a small shield when knocked down. A knockdown shield’s power and strength depends entirely on its rarity level. The higher the rarity, the more energy a knockdown shield contains.

To deploy the shield, players will need to click and hold the attack button. Holding the shield up will slowly drain its energy. The energy will also be drained if another player shoots it. A good strategy is to only use the shield when necessary and to try and use it to draw fire away from your allies.

How to Self-Revive

The only way to self-revive in Apex Legends is if you have a Legendary knockdown shield equipped. These Legendary knockdown shields will typically only be available from a world supply drop or if found on another player. The actual in-game ability is called “Resurrection” and can only be used once.

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The Legendary knockdown shield has a unique ability that lets players self-revive

The Legendary knockdown shield is the gold version of the shield and the highest rarity in the game. With the most energy on offer, it will take other players a lot of bullets to destroy it completely. However, the main appeal is that it offers the unique ability to self-revive a single time. To actually self-revive, hold the appropriate button (E on PC) and watch as your Legend injects themselves and starts standing back up.

Be aware, self-resurrecting takes roughly the same amount of time as a regular revive. Due to the time it takes, you will want to make sure no one can see you or that you’re in decent cover. It’s also important to note that if you use the knockdown shield to actually shield yourself, you will glow gold, which is a dead giveaway that you can self-revive. The best option is to never use the shield function until you have exhausted the self-revive. The only time when this isn’t the case is when you will absolutely die if you do not use the shield, such as when you need to get behind cover and are currently under fire.

Though it will get you back into the fight without the use of a teammate, keep in mind that you will be at-risk the entire time during a self-revive. Keep your eyes peeled for a Legendary knockdown shield, because the self-revive skill is a real game-changer in Apex Legends.