Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data

Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data

How to fix Anthem’s error when attempting to retrieve the live service data on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Anthem, for the most part, functions pretty well on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes players might encounter an error that reads: error retrieving Anthem live service data. This problem crops up a lot on PlayStation 4, but it’s not limited to that platform. Players on PC and Xbox One may also encounter the “retrieving live service data” issue. While there are no guaranteed fixes, there are some things you can do to hopefully solve this problem.

Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data

Players looking to kick back, relax, and play some Anthem are being hit with some odd problems that are preventing them from even launching the game. The only detail offered is an error that reads: Error retrieving Anthem live service data.

Users have been reporting this problem to the EA Answers forum since Anthem’s alpha and beta, and the problem still crops up. Thankfully, it seems as if there is a workaround, though the solution is slightly odd. It appears that changing the language forces Anthem to boot up properly.

To fix this problem on PC:

  1. Open the Origin app
  2. Go to My Game Library
  3. Click Anthem
  4. Click the settings gear
  5. Go to Advanced Settings
  6. Select a different language
  7. Launch Anthem
  8. Change language back to default

On PlayStation 4 or Xbox One:

  1. Go to console settings
  2. Select language preferences
  3. Select a different language
  4. Launch Anthem
  5. Change language back to default

Players have reported that Anthem successfully boots when a different language has been selected. However, there is another more drastic option that you can use if this method does not work. Some players have stated that uninstalling and redownloading Anthem solves the “retrieving live service data” error.

Obviously redownloading the entire game is not a very appealing fix to this error, as there’s every chance it could happen again. Another option, for those players on PC, is to select the settings icon and choose “repair”. This will scan the PC files to see if there are any issues or problems, and if some are found, those files will be redownloaded.

Anthem has experienced some growing pains since its release, but the developers have been working hard to iron out the wrinkles. The Anthem day one patch solved a lot of the problems players were facing, so hopefully we’ll see a proper fix to the “retrieving Anthem live service data” error in a future hotfix.